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Smelting and casting laboratory

Smelting and casting laboratory functions: to carry out aluminum, magnesium, copper, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous alloy smelting and casting technology research, research alloying technology, smelting process, metamorphic treatment and grain refinement technology, Homogenization technology, ingot casting molding technology research.

Laboratory can be 2 ~ 25 kg non-ferrous metal alloy melting and casting experimental study.

Main smelting equipment:

1,2 sets of 25kg medium frequency induction vacuum melting furnace, vacuum or inert atmosphere can be carried out under the conditions of alloy melting and casting to reduce the burning of the alloy to reduce the oxidation of slag, thereby effectively improving the quality of alloy melt;

The K4 type tilting crucible furnace is used for the melting of the magnesium alloy and other non-ferrous metal alloys under the protection atmosphere. The smelting control condition is stable and the pneumatic tilting mechanism can ensure the smooth casting of the alloy liquid.