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R & D

Light alloy for the selection of high than the strength of heavy alloy



Technology Accumulation

Al Research and designing of semi-continuous casting by aluminum alloy Earliest in China
Aluminum titanium boron grain refiner Earliest in China
Aluminum titanium boron grain refiner New generation in China
Aluminum fiber sound absorption material New generation in China
Aluminum anodizing heat tinting and surface processing Leading in China
Hypereutectic alusil alloy used by engine New generation in China
Aluminum alloy wire Leading in China
Mg Ferrosilicon process magnesium-processing Promoted in the Country
Sacrificial anode of magnesium alloy Promoted in the country
Automotive engine shell of magnesium alloy Earliest in China
Magnesium sectional material and sheet extrusion moulding technology Leading in China
Magnesium alloy welding stick technology development Leading in China
Key technology of high-performance magnesium alloy transformation Leading in China
Development of high-intensity heat-resisting magnesium alloy Leading in China
Cu Electrician vacuum copper Earliest in China
Vacuum copper-chrome, copper-bismuth, copper-bismuth-silver alloy used for high-voltage switch contact Leading in China
High-intensity anti-corrosive copper alloy Leading in China
Copper-zr, copper-silver-bismuth used for airspace engine New generation in China


Research Projects

Number Name Project type
1 Development of ultralight magnesium-lithium alloy used for aircraft National key projects
2 Research on magnesium-lithium alloy two-way plastic deformation coordination mechanism Natural science fund program
3 Research on magnesium-aluminum-alloy Natural science Fund
4 Research on key technology of super high intensity forging aluminum alloy Self-research program in aluminum company
5 Industrialization, application and development of new high-performance light alloy for aerospace
6 Development used to substitute new hypereutectic alusil alloy used in imported engine China-Russian cooperation program
7 Technological development of high-conductive and high-intensity aluminum alloy conductor and terminal technological development EPRI
8 Research on Status Quo of Magnesium Industry in China Cooperation program in Boeing Company
9 Development of high-intensity and highly anti-corrosion (stainless steel) magnesium alloy
10 Technological development of military aluminum, magnesium alloy surface processing (anti-corrosion, anti-damp and anti-mould)