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Core culture

Core culture


Talent Concept:

Talents revitalize enterprises, people gather wealth; gather talents, train talents, train talents, and achieve talents;

Let excellent people become better, let ordinary people do extraordinary things;

Soma is not as good as horse racing, performance explains everything; the process determines the result, and learning continues to improve.

Interpretation: The development of an enterprise depends on people and the gathering of talents, the company can continue to grow and develop. The company attracts and gathers talents, and provides a platform for all kinds of talents to show their talents; through the training and training of talents, stimulate personal potential, make them grow rapidly, break through the limit of personal ability, and make outstanding talents stand out through the method of assessment and competition ; The key factors and important details in the work process determine the success or failure of the work. Only by learning and changing and improving oneself can the success of the work be achieved.


Incentive Guidelines:

Individual interests are subordinate to collective interests, and individual efforts are integrated into collective struggles;

Contribution can be rewarded, and contribution must be rewarded.

Interpretation: The company and its employees are a community with a shared future. The direction of personal efforts of employees must conform to the company's development requirements. The goals of all employees constitute the company's major goals, and the results of all employees' struggles are aggregated into the results of the company's development; individual employees contribute to the company's development and share the results of the company's development.