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Light Metal Alloy has been dedicated to analysis and test of nonferrous metal materials for a long time. It has opened national nonferrous metal and new material analysis and test center and state light metal quality supervision and test center as the authoritative test outfit for nonferrous metal and light metal materials. Light Metal Alloy has advanced and completed material analysis and test means and can be used to carry out various forms of performance analysis and test in metal material field. It has over 20 advanced large-scaled analytical test apparatuses. It mainly carries out test on chemical components of nonferrous metal, light metal, alloy and new materials, test on physical test, test on mechanics performance, microscopic organization testing and so forth. It owns multiple production lines on research, small experiments and medium trial in nonferrous alloy laboratory and can be used to carry out forging, rolling, extrusion, casting and surface processing of alloy.

(1)Analysis on chemical components

Light Metal Alloy has photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, plasma emission spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrometer and so forth; it can carry out analysis services on sundries and elements among metals, alloy and light metal materials. It can provide analysis test and quality test to research units and companies. In the meantime, it can accept formulation of national and industrial standards commissioned by state and nonferrous metal outfits.

(2) Test on physical properties

Light Metal Alloy has electric conductivity coefficient tester, magnetometer, roughmeter, surface film instrument and so forth that can satisfy demands of physical test and provide relevant performance test services to research units and companies.

(3)Mechanics performance testing

Light Metal Alloy has such advanced devices as electronic all-purpose stretcher, Victorinox/Brinell tester, creep testing machine and other advanced countries that can be used to carry out tensile test, technological property test, physical performance test, hardness test and relevant test on mechanical performance testing. It provides relevant analysis, test and quality test to research units and companies.

(4)Microstructure test

Light Metal Alloy has advanced microstructure testing device such as metalloscope, X-ray harmless flaw detector, ultrasonic fault detector, scanning electro microscope, transmission electron radiography and so on to satisfy internal structure of materials and testing of internal condition and provide relevant analysis test and quality test to research units and companies.

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