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Zhengzhou Research Institue of Light Metals is the country’s sole large-scaled research institute on light metal and R & D center under China Aluminum Corporation. It has outstanding research, mini trial, medium trial and mass production platform concerning research of high-performance nonferrous alloy materials and is equipped with the world’s advanced and domestic fist-rated research and development capacity of new materials. By combining with development rule of Level-I maturity on materials and technologies, this company is dedicated to research and development of high-performance, small mass and multiple variety special alloy or military project.

By relying on the platform of Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute and its technological talents, Zhengzhou Research Institue of Light Metals expects to join hands with companies, scientific research institutes, schools of high education, industrial foundation, governments and other outfits, put cooperation and innovation as the purpose, joint interests of members in the outfit as the base and complementarity of competitive resources as the premise in an effort to overcome high input in research and development, avert risks, shorten research and development cycle of products, handle with challenges by emergencies and save costs.