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1. The world's R&D platform

l Large-scale scientific research institutions in the field of light metal in my country

l National Aluminum Smelting Engineering Technology Research Center

l National Light Metal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

l China Aluminum Technology Center of Excellence

l China Aluminum Co., Ltd. post-doctoral research station

l Secretary-General Unit of China Light Metal Academic Committee

l International Organization for Standardization (ISO) focal point

l National standard, standard sample formulation unit

l National high-tech enterprise

l Zhengzhou Light Metal Materials Academician Workstation

l Zhengzhou Aerospace Light Alloy Engineering Technology Research Center

l Zhengzhou Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base

l Passed the three management system certifications of quality, occupational health and safety and environment

l Passed weapon equipment quality system certification

l Weapons and equipment scientific research and production secondary secret unit