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R & D Patents

Number Patents or copyrights Patent or copyright
1 A production method on magnesium and magnesium alloy ZL201110372147.X
2 An etchant on magnesium alloy and its using method ZL200710099818.3
3 A recovery method of wasted magnesium alloy ZL200410080446.6
4 A heat-resistance magnesium alloy flux ZL200610109367.2
5 A production method for AL-Ti-C intermediate alloy ZL200410074369.3
6 An electroplate liquid recycle equipment used for electorplate ZL200620134511.3
7 Am alloy smelting furnace ZL200720149575.5
8 A production method for Al-Ti-C intermediate alloy ZL200610127939.X
9 Phosphorus alternant with alusil alloy ZL200710303615.1
10 A magnesium alloy panel sample casting equipment ZL200920109439.2
11 A high-intensity free-cutting aluminum alloy ZL200810115440.6
12 A lead-free aluminum alloy heat processing method ZL200910243382.X
13 A production method of metal fiber ZL201010207088.6
14 A production device of metal fiber ZL201010207000.0
15 Phosphorus alternant with alusil alloy ZL 200710303615.1
16 A new hypereutectic alusil alloy and its production method CN201210483787.2
17 A nonferrous metal and production of its alloy ring CN201010207068.9
18 A new alusil alloy alterant with new alusil alloy and its production method CN201110372148.4
19 A lithium-lead alloy used for nuke industry CN201010207078.2
20 A cobalt-Manganese-aluminum CN200910243361.8
21 An aluminum-alusil alloy alterant and its production method CN200710099808.X
22 A method that continuously produce titanium boride compound material by electric forge furnace CN1357511
23 Devices used to continuously test electrolyzing temperature of aluminum ZL01273583.3
24 Method of making anhydrous magnesium chloride using magnesite chlorination CN85102273
25 A copper alloy used as vacuum switch contact materials CN1014999