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Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base Postdoctoral Researcher Recruitment Announcement


Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 by Chinalco Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute) and its subordinate Metal Materials Research Institute team, the team of Academician He Jilin of Zhengzhou University, Henan Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Henan It is a pilot reform enterprise of mixed ownership composed of five units of Zhongfu Technology Center Co., Ltd.

The company (institution) relies on the China Aluminum Industry Excellence Technology Center, the National Aluminum Smelting Engineering Technology Research Center, the National Light Metal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the Henan Resources and Materials Industry Collaborative Innovation Center of Zhengzhou University and the Green Metallurgical and Metallurgical Technology Center affiliated to the Chinalco Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metals Research Institute. Processing national-level scientific research platforms such as national and local joint engineering research centers, using the four-wheel drive development model of "national-level scientific research platform + excellent talents + advanced technology + high-end products" and "university basic research + research institute trial production + company industrialization" The scientific and technological innovation business model, combined with the research and development process of new materials in the military field of level 1~9 maturity and the demand characteristics of small batches, multi-variety, and high performance, follows the scientific development from laboratory research, small test, pilot test to mass production. Law, lead the market with scientific and technological innovation, alloy raw materials, alloy components, modular components, research and produce lighter, stronger, lower cost, more valuable aluminum, magnesium, copper, lead, zinc, rare Rare earth and other high-performance non-ferrous alloys new materials, new technologies and new products. The company (institution) is mainly engaged in four categories of non-ferrous alloy products, including ultra-light and high-strength aluminum (magnesium) alloys for aerospace weight reduction, high-performance non-ferrous alloys, rare rare earth alloys, and intelligent functional materials.

The company (institution) covers an area of ​​100 mu, with a completed construction area of ​​30,000 square meters and more than 300 sets of machinery and equipment. The company has 9 laboratories and 9 small-scale, pilot-scale and batch production lines, which can carry out alloy vacuum/non-vacuum melting and casting, sand and precision casting, rolling, extrusion, drawing, forging, welding, machining , surface treatment and other alloy research and production, can provide sheet and strip foil, tube rod wire, casting, forging products, and can realize the whole series and whole process R&D and production from drawings to parts processing.

Zhengzhou Light Research Alloy Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base cooperates with the postdoctoral research station of Chinalco Co., Ltd. and the postdoctoral research station of Zhengzhou University to cultivate high-level talents in the non-ferrous metal industry, promote technological innovation of non-ferrous metal light alloy materials, and promote weight reduction in aerospace. New alloy materials continue to develop! We are now recruiting post-doctoral researchers for the society, and we are looking forward to your joining!

1. Platform Qualification

2. Research direction

1. Research on ultra-light corrosion-resistant magnesium-lithium alloys

2. Research on the preparation technology of magnesium-lithium alloy large-size wide-width sheet

3. Research on high-strength and heat-resistant magnesium rare earth alloys

4. Research on preparation technology of high-performance magnesium alloy vacuum castings

5. Research on superplastic forming technology of aluminum-lithium alloy

6. Research on high-strength and damage-resistant aluminum-lithium alloys

7. Research on the preparation technology of light-weight and high-strength aluminum-lithium alloy castings

8. Research on high-strength weldable scandium-containing aluminum alloys

9. Research on high-strength heat-resistant aluminum alloy

10. Research on light alloy surface treatment technology

3. Recruitment conditions

1. Possess good political quality and moral cultivation, abide by laws and regulations, and be in good health;

2. Those who have obtained a doctorate degree, or are about to receive a doctorate degree, have a professional background in materials science and engineering, metal materials or non-ferrous alloys, casting, etc., and their majors are actually related to the research topics of our station. over 35 years old;

3. Have the ability to independently engage in scientific research, strong written expression and communication skills, good teamwork spirit, and fluent English reading and communication skills;

4. Have the relevant professional background or work experience required by the selected research direction, and have published 3 English articles with an impact factor of 2 or more in international journals.

Fourth, the number of recruits

This innovation base plans to recruit 2 to 4 postdoctoral researchers

5. Application materials

1. My resume (including study experience, work experience, introduction of main research achievements, etc.);

2. Recommendation letters from two doctoral supervisors in the subject area;

3. A research proposal of about 3,000 words for the selected topic (each person can choose 2 topics, but only fill in the proposal for 1);

4. Scanned copies of graduation certificates and degree certificates for doctoral students (fresh graduates need to provide scanned copies of graduate employment recommendation forms); overseas students who have obtained doctoral degrees abroad must submit the proof of study abroad issued by Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad and Certificate of Doctoral Degree from the Ministry of Education;

5. The detailed abstract and table of contents of the doctoral dissertation, and two academic masterpieces.

6. Relevant treatment

1. The subsidy treatment will be negotiable during the period of the Bochuang base;

2. Provide free apartments and supporting equipment for postdoctoral researchers, as well as studio and office equipment;

3. Support postdoctoral researchers to concentrate on research and innovation, and encourage postdoctoral researchers to produce more results. When post-doctoral researchers leave the base, according to the principle of two-way selection and merit-based employment, post-doctoral researchers with outstanding achievements and outstanding performance can be hired as employees of the company and given equity incentives.

7. Contact information

Contact address: No. 1106, Science Avenue, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

National Aluminum Smelting Engineering Technology Research Center Technology Incubation Park

Postal Code: 450041

Contact: Ms. Cheng, Mr. Liu

Tel: +86-371-68918626; +86-18810295233

E-mail: almgcurl@163.com; liujx28@163.com. (Indicate in the subject of the email: my name + graduate institution + major + postdoctoral fellow)