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  • 产品名称: Super Light Mg-Li Alloy
  • Product Number: chalco96
  • Release Time: 2019-01-28
  • Views : 36

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Super light,High strength and specific modulus

Excellent rigidity


High electric and thermal conductivity

Outstanding damping performance


Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance

Good welding performance


Excellent machining performance and cold forming ability


     2Usage field

    Aerospace field:The rocket hull、Instrument panel、Seat Brace、The plane up and down sides plate、
Gyroscope、Electronic equipment chassis shell、A bearing bracket、The universe the 
lining board、Moon landing platform components etc.

    Military field:Missile rudder and shell、Conversion device bracket、Target appliance shell、Electronic 
chassis shell、Portable radar, Bulletproof solo instruments, Cartridge, Stretcher, Waveguide, 
Microwave components, Parachute, Control rod, Armored Bullet-proof material etc

    3C field:Laptop shell, Camera shell, mobile phone shell, vibration speakers film/sound basin, LED the radiator, 
   communication support, solid crystal machine swing arm etc

      7、Usage case:

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