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Zhengzhou Qingyan successfully developed a new type of high-purity and high-strength ZLD205A semi-continuous aluminum alloy cast bar



Φ88.5×700 mm round bar


80×80×720 mm square bar


Contrast before and after stretching


Recently, in view of the low mechanical properties of traditional ZLD205A long ingots, which cannot meet the high quality requirements of aerospace and military industry castings, Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. uses high-purity aluminum ingots as raw materials, and uses high-quality exhaust and slag removal. The hot top mold semi-continuous casting process developed for the first time the ZLD205A aluminum alloy semi-continuous round bar and square bar with high purity and high toughness.

At present, most of the ZLD205A aluminum alloys on the market are produced by ingot casting machines. Due to the poor exhaust performance of this molding method, the molten aluminum is naturally cooled and solidified in the long ingot mold, so the ingot contains more gas, and the surface of the ingot contains more gas. There are obvious oxide slag and looseness; at the same time, the tensile test bar is cast after remelting, and its strength can only meet the performance requirements of the national standard GB/T 1173-2013, the performance is unstable and it is not easy to meet the aviation and aerospace standards.

Zhengzhou Qingyan adopts the hot top mold semi-continuous casting process with no metal liquid flow drop. The casting process is stable, and the aluminum liquid solidifies sequentially, which reduces the structure defects such as non-metallic oxide slag inclusions and pores, and the purity of the product is greatly improved. , the pinhole degree reaches grade 1; the upper part of the mold has good thermal insulation, allowing a lower casting temperature; the structure of the cast rod is fine and uniform, the segregation is small, and the internal quality and mechanical properties of the cast rod are significantly improved. After T6 heat treatment, the tensile strength of ZLD205A alloy reaches 505~520MPa, and the elongation is 6% or more, which can effectively meet the requirements of aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons and other military industries. Demand for high-performance materials. At present, the company can supply Φ88.5×700 mm round bars and 80×80×720 mm square bars. ZLD205A alloy has been used in many military units such as AVIC and AVIC. Successful trial on new product parts.

Technology leads the future and innovation changes the world. Zhengzhou Light Research has always been committed to the production of light alloy castings, forgings, sheet and strip foils, tube and rod type linear wire products and components that urgently need to reduce weight in the aerospace field, focusing on R&D and production of high-purity, large-scale aerospace products For products such as high-strength aluminum-lithium alloys, high-performance aluminum alloys, magnesium alloy castings, forgings, refined aluminum alloy ingots and special master alloys, the company will continue to create value for customers in the future.