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Zhengzhou Qingyan successfully developed high-strength ZLD114A aluminum alloy for military castings


Recently, in order to better meet the high-quality requirements of aerospace and military castings, Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. has adopted aluminum alloy ingots with better performance and improved and optimized the existing casting production process. The hot top mold semi-continuous casting process is the first to develop the ZLD114A aluminum alloy semi-continuous round bar and square bar with high purity and high toughness.

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At present, most manufacturers on the market use ingot casting machines with high yield and low production cost to produce ZLD114A aluminum alloy. During the process of natural cooling and solidification, the surface of the molten aluminum is oxidized, and the generated oxide slag cannot be discharged. It gathers in the upper center of the long ingot, and this molding method has poor exhaust performance, and the gas inside the molten aluminum is not easily discharged. Therefore, the quality of the long ingot has obvious problems such as slag oxide and looseness. The ZLD114A long ingot is remelted and then cast as a tensile test bar. The tensile strength of the T6 single cast test bar is 310~340MPa, and the elongation after fracture is 4~6%, which can meet the performance requirements of the aviation standard HB 962-2001, but it does not It is easy to meet the requirements of the aerospace standard QJ 3185-2003, and the performance is not very stable.


Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy adopts the hot top mold semi-continuous casting process for optimization. During the semi-continuous casting process, due to the strong cooling effect of the primary cooling water and the secondary cooling water in the mold, the casting temperature Therefore, the semi-continuous casting slab obtains a fine grain structure, especially the eutectic silicon structure is fine, uniform and dispersed, thereby advantageously improving the strength and toughness of the material. The tensile test bar was sawn from the ZLD114A semi-continuous cast bar body. The tensile strength in the T6 state was 15-25% higher than that of the traditional long ingot, and the elongation after fracture was increased by more than 1 times. At present, the company can supply Φ88.5×700 mm round bar and 80×80×720 mm square bar, which can be customized according to customer requirements. The military casting products made of ZLD114A semi-continuous casting billets have stable performance, greatly improved mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation, and greatly reduced defects such as pores and non-metallic inclusions inside the product, effectively satisfying high performance Quality requirements for military castings. The company will also continue to adhere to the concept of "technology leads the future", focusing on the production of alloy products that urgently need weight reduction in the aerospace field.