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Heavy! The hard core material of large state-owned enterprises, the SASAC catalog recommends the ultra-light magnesium-lithium alloy high-plastic sheet of Chinalco Group


On May 30, in order to speed up the specific implementation of building a new development pattern and maintaining the security and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council released the "Recommended Catalogue of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements of Central Enterprises (2020 Edition)" to the public. Unit: Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy Technology Co., Ltd.), the ultra-light and high-plastic magnesium-lithium alloy sheet was successfully recommended as the key material.

Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Chinalco Zhengzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute), its subordinate metal material research team, and the team of Academician He Jilin of Zhengzhou University. It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating production, education and research. It is the earliest high-tech enterprise in China to carry out research and development, production and sales of magnesium-lithium alloys, aluminum-lithium alloys and high-performance aluminum, magnesium, copper and other non-ferrous metal alloys. It can carry out alloy casting-plastic processing. - Development and research of machining-heat treatment and surface treatment technology integrated process of the whole process. The company (the institute) has accumulated a large number of proprietary technologies, and has perfect technological standards such as casting, plastic processing and surface treatment. The company's magnesium-lithium alloy research and production capacity leads the world. At present, the output of magnesium-lithium alloy accounts for more than 80% of the world's output and more than 95% of the national output.