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The 12th working group of Zhengzhou "Ten Thousand People Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises" entered Qingyan Alloy


 On November 2nd, the 12th working group of Zhengzhou "Ten Thousand People Helping Ten Thousand Enterprises" entered Zhengzhou Qingyan Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingyan Alloy") to preach the policy and carry out the scene. Office, and effectively solve the difficulties encountered in the rapid development of the company, Xiao Yang, general manager of Qingyan Alloy, warmly received and accompanied the visit.  


  A group of people from the working group preached to our company that "10,000 people help 10,000 enterprises" activity is the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to help enterprises solve outstanding problems and bottleneck constraints, and promote the province's economic development to improve quality and speed important measure. The specific measures involve eight parts: "policy, job stabilization, employment monitoring, job docking, talent landing, rights protection, "delegating management services" and responsibility assessment. Guide enterprises to make good use of policies and fully release the "gold content" of policies. Effectively solve the practical problems that the company is most looking forward to and most eager to solve, continue to boost the confidence of the company's development, and gather a strong synergy to help the company develop soundly and quickly. Adhere to the problem orientation, pay close attention to the pain points, blocking points, difficulties, key points, and key points in the development of the enterprise, list the problems, unblock the communication channels, come up with solutions for one enterprise, one policy, and one case by one, and effectively achieve true connection Really effective. Improve the working mechanism, change the role of "manager", be the "second shopkeeper" of service enterprises, further improve the efficiency of government services, optimize the business environment, continue to promote the reform of "decentralization, management and service", and reduce the operating costs of enterprises , do a good job in the implementation of the favorable enterprise policy, and continuously enhance the endogenous power, development vitality and overall strength of the enterprise.



  General Manager Xiao Yang introduced the overall situation of Light Research Alloys to the working group in detail, such as company positioning, development history, scientific research achievements, market performance, and current opportunities and challenges. Qingyan Alloy, as a technologically innovative mixed-ownership pilot reform enterprise with scientific and technological personnel holding shares and combining production, education and research, has seized opportunities and seized opportunities since its establishment in 2016. It has successively obtained 19 invention patents and 6 software copyrights, and will be recognized in 2021 As a "national-level specialized and special new little giant" enterprise, the market share of some products has reached more than 90%, and the overall development trend is positive. However, in the process of rapid development of the enterprise, due to the constraints of talents, funds and other factors, Qingyan Alloy still faces many challenges. It is expected that the government can provide support to help the enterprise develop rapidly and healthily.

  The working group highly affirmed the company's achievements, saying that the new material industry is a key industry supported by our city. It is hoped that Qingyan Alloy will continue to adhere to independent innovation, accelerate the pace of industrialization of scientific research results, and help the national revitalization. . In response to the difficulties encountered in the development of the enterprise, the working group carried out on-site work, implemented the government's talent subsidy policy, built a "bank-enterprise docking" platform to provide financing channels for the company, and encouraged Qingyan Alloy to make good use of policy resources and its own advantages to maintain Development momentum, rapid growth and strength.

  For the encouragement and support of the working group, General Manager Xiao Yang expressed his gratitude on behalf of the company, and emphasized that Qingyan Alloy will continue to adhere to the concept of "leading the future with technology" to develop lighter, stronger and higher Cost-effective non-ferrous alloys, commercialize technology and market products, "fill the shortcomings", "fill in the blanks", promote the rapid, sustainable and healthy development of China's aluminum and magnesium industry, and contribute to the development of the national industry!< /p>