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He Jilin

Chief engineer, chief in the research institute, national labor model, representative of the Sixteenth National Congress of the Communist Party

He has been engaged in research and development concerning smelting and processing of nonferrous metal and rare metal and has obtained multiple research results in rare metal tantalum, niobium and other new materials. He researches and develops electronic grade tantalum with proprietary intellectual property rights, technique concerning melting and processing of niobium metal, chairs and guides tantalum, niobium, special copper alloy, titanium processing material, magnesium, magnesium alloy and multiple new materials and new products. He chairs and implements transformation of 7 naitonal key technologies.

He has been awarded First Prize for National Torch Planning, one Second Prize for National Technological Invention, one Second Prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress, two Third Prize for State Scientific and Technological Progress, multiple first and second prizes for provincial and ministerial progress. He has applied and authorized 19 patents for invention and has published over 40 dissertations and treatises. He has won Ningxia Scientific and Technological Star and Technological Merit Award and Ningxia ‘Talents’ Award and so forth.