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Xiao Yang

Doctor in material processing, outstanding score, senior engineer, tutor of postgraduate students

Director in Metal Material Office under Zhengzhou Light Metal Institute, General Manage in Zhengzhou Research Institue of Light Metals

He has been engaged in development of ultrahigh strength aluminum alloy, aluminum-lithium alloy and anti-creep or high-conductivity aluminum conductor and terminal, research of aluminum alloy used for proton beam window, technological research on semi-continuous casting technique of aluminum-alloy pipe, research on special processing technique of aluminum alloy flange, research on hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy used for engines, research of super-light magnesium-lithium alloy, research of high-intensity and heat-resisting magnesium rare earth alloy, development of anti-corrosion (stainless steel) magnesium alloy, copper alloy sprinkle pipe for engines, research on high-intensity and anti-corrosion bronze alloy, research of high-pure lithium-lead alloy used for nuclear fusion reactor, research of high-pure bismuth-lead alloy used for fission type reactor, research on are metals such as tantalum, niobium, beryllium and its alloys.

He has undertaken and participated in national ‘863’ and ‘973’, 6 natural science fund and 2 international scientific and technological cooperation programs. He has presided and completed 3 researches of new materials in pivotal sectors, run over 30 essays in domestic and overseas magazines and applied 6 national patents for inventions.